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Heat Pumps

Are you looking for an energy-efficient heating system that can be customized for your home and needs? Cornerstone Services has been installing heat pump systems for years and is an expert in sizing equipment to creating efficient and comfortable systems.

What is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are quickly becoming one of the most popular heating and cooling systems in the country. They are incredibly efficient and produce less carbon emissions that traditional heat sources. Best of all - heat pumps can also provide air conditioning in the summer, keeping your home comfortable year round. 

Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner

How do Heat Pumps work?

Heat pumps utilize the existing energy outside your home to then heat or cool your home. They cut down on the usage of fossil fuels, helping to cut down on your home's carbon footprint. Heat pumps can also work in zoned systems, allowing you to customize the temperatures in different areas of your home. 

Heat pumps are quickly becoming one of the most popular heating and cooling methods in the country. The US government has recently pledged money towards heat pump technology to lower the country's reliance on fossil fuels while also working to combat climate change. Cornerstone Services has been and will continue to be educating technicians and installers on the most recent technology, so we can provide the best service to our customers. 

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